The Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Program

Get Mastery or Attain Mantra in Less Time

Welcome to the first and only digital Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Program in the world. You have come to the right place to start your journey on the path to your Mantra Sidhi. We have made sure that everything you will need in this journey has been prepared for you.

This being the only program in the world that teaches you Mantra Sidhi (Mastery in Mantra)

This is the biggest school of Mantra Sidhi Sadhana in the world. They discovered and streamlined the process of gaining mastery and working your way towards achieving your Mantra sidhi in the most innovative way. When you are with us, you will gain mastery and attain the Mantras with help of 108 Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Courses.

 We'll cover the mechanics--the how, when, where and how long to chant.

Welcome Seekers! We invite you to one of the most unique and amazing program on Vedic Mantras- Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Program.

We often hear the miraculous powers of Vedic Mantras and the myriads of benefits it offers to the sadhaks after Mantra chanting and attaining Sidhi.


But in spite of knowing the benefits and putting our best foot forward, we often falter in our Sadhana.


Sometimes, even after completing the siddhi, we aren’t able to reap the benefits.


Failures in our Mantra Sadhana are often attributed to many factors, but most of all, it is our inability to chant the Vedic Mantras and to do the Vedic rituals.


Just because of our lack of knowledge of this ancient wisdom, we aren’t able to taste the nectar of Mantra sidhi.


But don’t worry! We have taken into account all the problems faced by our seekers and intricately designed our “Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Course” so that even a layman or a child can attain Sidhi by simply following our videos.



Why You Join This Program? 

If you face these problems then you can join the program

  • Need courage and the inner strength
  • Strong enough to face and solve your problems
  • Peace and happiness
  • Sand you can feel a positive nature in you
  • Achieve Success in Your Life and Make You Strong
  • Fulfill Your all Wishes and Desire
  • Completion of all work in time frame
  • Reach your aim
  • Getting lucky
  • Good health
  • Healing
  • Wealth
  • Prosperity
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Become famous, successful and rich
  • Moksha
  • Spiritual Awaking
  • Surrender yourself to God
  • Reduces the Impact of Bad Planets Have Impacts on Our Life
  • Rid of Poverty
  • Reduces Loss
  • Broken Marriages and Misunderstandings in Relationships
  • Getting Jobs
  • Getting Good Partner
  • Vashikaran or attract someone
  • Cure any disease
  • Self empowerment
  • Mental illness
  • Physical disability
  • Insufficiency
  • Black Magic
  • Evil Spirits
  • Bad Luck
  • Bad News
  • Fears
  • Failures, pain, blockages
  • Sorrows, Pains and all the Evil Powers
  • Evil Eye and Enemies
  • Trouble in Regular Life
  • Obstacles
  • Long Term Problems
  • A noisy, anxious, scattered mind.
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress & tension
  • Insecurity
  • Indecisiveness
  • Low concentration level
  • Being reactive or irritable
  • Negative self-talk
  • Continuous failure
  • Low energy levels
  • Fear
  • Poor sleep
  • Self doubt
  • Regrets
  • Emotional eating
  • And many more mental and physical ailments


  • Attracting a female
  • Controlling an enemy
  • Early Wealth
  • Positive change in your life
  • For a Good Wife
  • For a Good Husband
  • Making your enemies your friend
  • Evil Eye and Enemies
  • Loan and debits
  • Broken Marriages and Misunderstandings in Relationships
  • Profit in business, make your business superb
  • Love back or ex-back
  • Prevent or Reduce Loss
  • Progeny
  • Healing, your mind body and soul
  • Obstacle
  • Job and career enhancement
  • Protection (all type)
  • Good luck, Remove bad luck, getting lucky, Bad News
  • Success in interview
  • Court case or any difficult task
  • Vashikaran for boy/husband
  • Addiction
  • Love and Appreciation
  • Vashikaran for girl/wife
  • Vashikaran removal mantra
  • for Quick marriage for girls
  • Kamdev Mantra To Be Young
  • For womb protection
  • For easy delivery of baby
  • To Remove Obesity & Laziness
  • To get lucky with family love
  • For A Superb Married Life
  • Kamdev Mantra for Personality
  • To Attract Employer for Promotion


Join this Program Free Yes! Its Free 


Its free for 3 days. If you like then pay can after 3 days.


But I promise you that you can't find this type of effective program in the world. It give you 200% result and 200% effectiveness on Mantra mastery.


Please you can check all over the internet, this type of mediation program charge $29 to $150 per month. But it is the combination of Mantra ---  Mediation ---- Yoga poses  ----   Pranayama ---- Mudras

You will get knowledge of 100 old scriptures and vedas 



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Why we Charge this program ?

Please understand, this is the cost of our team , programmers, for promotion, video editors and studio, camera, video graphics, audio recording of 300 mantras, we have 1100 videos and more than 120 hours videos, we have team of researcher.


We have a dedicate team for this so we have to pay for them. And we are working on this program many years. 

We have to pay to the membership site every month which host our 108 courses. So there are lots of expensive to run this program. 


Table of Content

This is overview of the program material (videos)

We will adding new contents, knowledge, tips and techniques every week


Pre-Requisites of a Mantra Sidhi Sadhana

Finding the best Place

Auspicious Timings

Knowing the Divine Direction

Right Posture (Asana) for Meditation


Ardh Padmasana

Pada Padmasana

Prayer Asana (Mat)


Pillars of Mantra Sidhi Sadhana

Integrants of Mantra Sadhna

Learn all the important constituents of mantra sadhna

Pronunciation of the mantras,

Taking pledge,

Improving concentration


The Substratum of Mantra Siddhi Sadhana


Trust Reverence  

Intent of mantra sadhana


Importance of Faith

Special Instructions for Women


Scheduling Your Daily Routine

Preparing Yourself

Go Vegan

Don’t get distracted

Continuity is the Key

Timing is important

Maintain Secrecy

Don’t commit immoral deeds

Fixed Count

Stay Committed

Number of Counts

Number of Days

Understanding the Syllables

Right Pronunciation

Correct intonation & Proper Rhythm



Invoking Lord Ganesh

Sankalp (Resolve)

Pavitrikaran (Sanctification)

Aachman (Sipping water)

Pranayama (Breath Mediation and Exercise )

Om Mantra mediation


Ritual after Mantra chanting –

Sit silence sometime

Mindful Meditation


Exercise - Practice Rituals D-I-Y

Mantra Japa Levels in Courses

Level - 1 (Learn)

Level - 2 (Understand)

Level - 3 (Chant)

108 Mantra sidhi Sadhana Courses


You will find all Do-It-Yourself Videos

Most of our new seekers will be having problem with the Sanskrit language, so in the first level, you need to follow the mentor. This will help you to understand the syllables and the correct lip movement.

This level will also aid you in memorising the mantras. This step in mantra chanting is known as the “Vaikhri Mantra Jaap”.

This Level is called “Madhyama”. Here in this Level, you will have to chant with the mantra audio to make the correct sound with correct speed.

After understanding the Mantras, their pronunciation and their sounds, you will start chanting with the mentor to get the perfect rhythm.

This step will also help you in understanding the breathing process during the chants. This step is called “Pashyanti”.

Why Do You Need This Program?

  • Don’t Know How to Attain or Mastery in Mantras

  • Don’t How to Chant Mantra (Mantra japa)

  • Don’t Know to Pronunciation of Sanskrit Mantra

  • Don’t know the process and steps of Mantra Sidhi Sadhana

  • Don’t Know the Vedic Rituals for Mantra Sidhi Sadhana

  • Don’t Know to do These Rituals

  • Problem of Counting Mantras

  • Problem of Concentration and Focus

    What Our Product Does for You:​

    • This evolution in Mantra Sidhi Sadhana has been made available to you. You need to take this opportunity. You won't find another program like this in the world.

    • The Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Program has been organized to teach you very fast. The methods used have been very effective in guiding others to higher levels in the least amount of time. These methods have proven to be 100% effective in gaining the results you need.

    • The Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Program has been divided into 4 parts. All the processes and rituals related to the program will be dealt sequentially by our expert mentor through audio-video demonstration.

      We will help you in understanding every process and finally guide you all the way through the mantra sadhna.

    • There are some essential pre-requisites of a Mantra Sadhana which a seeker should be well prepared before diving into the Mantra Sadhana. These pre-requisites can be arranging for important things and learning of crucial skills required during the Sadhana.

    • We will provide you with the details of all the daily rituals that a sadhak has to do before and after Mantra chanting. The mentor will make you understand the importance of each ritual in the Mantra Sadhana.

    • You will get all the steps of the rituals. The mentor will demonstrate and instruct you how to perform each ritual. You can practice each of the rituals before finally moving to your Mantra Sadhana.

    •                                                               You will learn how to perform the Mantra Japa (chanting).                                                                                                                      

    • In order that a seeker makes the perfect pronunciation, intonation and modulation during Mantra chanting, we have divided the Mantra japa learning process into three levels.

      We will teach you to use each level of Mantra Japa in Sadhaha

    • The level ranges from beginners to expert. In the first level, you understand the syllables of the Mantra and its pronunciation.

      In the second level, you chant along the mentor in a slow speed and in the expert level, you actually do the chants.

      We have created the best audio visual for the Mantra japa process, which will definitely be of great help.

    • The program enlists all the basic requirements of Mantra Sadhana such as asana, posture, mudra, time and other details. The mentor will guide you through each of the requirements and the ways to do it.

      The mentor will assist you in deciding which Mantra siddhi you should opt for depending upon your circumstances and the requirements.

    Our Features

    • 108 Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Courses 

    • +1100 Videos on Mantra Sadhana

    • +120 hours of videos on Mantra Sadhana

    • We have made step-wise videos for every ritual

    • 3 type of Mantra Japa

    • Mentor demonstrate every step

    • Easily Find Mantras according to your problems and benefits

    • An enriching experience

    • Invaluable tool that will serve you both personally and professionally

    • Biggest audio and visual library of Mantras

    • Mantra Meditation

    • Silent Meditation

    • Mindful Meditation

    • OM Mantra Meditation

    • Pranayama 

    • Yoga Poses

    • All Vedic Rituals 

    • 100% communication and clarification of doubts

    • Professional and expertly researched Mantras.

    • 5, 7 and 108 repetitions of each Mantra

      Mentor / Instructor

      Milan Dada

      Milan Dada is a younger son of Shastri Lala Maharaj, well trained in Horoscope making and Vastu Consultancy

      Shastri Lala Maharaj

      Lala Maharaj is a life time, generational astrologer. He is famous personality  who has made more than 2500 kundalis and did more than 3000 pooja's in the past 35 years of his astrology.


      The Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Program

      + 108 Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Courses

      You want first try the program. 

      Don't worry, try for free for 3 days and then take you decision 


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        Why we Charge this program ?

        Please understand, this is the cost of our team , programmers, for promotion, video editors and studio, camera, video graphics, audio recording of 300 mantras, we have 1100 videos and more than 120 hours videos, we have team of researcher.


        We have a dedicate team for this so we have to pay for them. And we are working on this program many years. 

        We have to pay to the membership site every month which host our 108 courses. So there are lots of expensive to run this program.